Other Products

The following products are available during the opening hours of the taproom.



Our gift pack contains 4 different bottles of beer + one glass.

Price : 20€


A growler is a bottle of 1,89 L. sold at the price of 9€. Just have it filled with one of the beers on tap at the taproom.

We advise you to drink it within 10 days. Once open, it should be drunk up, just like any other bottle of beer. Then rince it and let it dry.


Come again to the brewery and have it filled.

Inexpensive, ideal for sharing with friends and ecologically sustainable… What else?



Choose the value and make a gift to your loved ones. The vouchers can be exchanged for drinks at the bar or for Atrium products.


Sizes : M – L – XL – XXL

Colors :  dark grey or burgundy

Price : 15€



Goblet, pint-style or tasting glass

Price : 5€

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