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Double Sour IPA


65 IBU

13 EBC

Température de service : 7 à 10°C

The Brava is made to break the codes and show that women can drink what they want, because "women's beers" do not exist! Brava comes from Portuguese and means "angry", "full of courage", but also "not afraid of danger".

The Atrium team now has 4 men and 4 women. We pride ourselves on being as equal as possible. We really like to give the opportunity to women who want to work in the brewing industry, to be able to do so. ​

The Brava 2022 is a yellow and opaque beer with a very nice dense and white head. On the nose, we have fruity notes in particular of citrus fruits like lime, lemon or even lemongrass. On the palate, good acidity and a very present bitterness. His body is very "juicy", which you don't expect to have when you taste an acidic beer.


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