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Rhum Raisins Quadrupel


35 IBU

78 EBC

8 - 12°C

Almost 2 years ago, we met Dimitri & Janos from Dok Brewing Company in Gent. What was a get-to-know/courtesy visit ended up in a “Train des Ridéra” game that directly cemented the friendship, raised the drinking skills but also gave the name of what will be brewed together someday!

As the train got played with a quadrupel, we went for a 9.8% Rhum Raisins Quadrupel with a rich malt complexity, which leaves it thicker than the Trappist versions.

For the eyes, a dark brown color with dark red reflexes and a clear brown foam.

For the smell and taste, delicious dark fruity esters and smooth balance between alcohol and malts.

The label refers to the vision of rails after leaving the Train des Ridéra table

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